Friday, June 1, 2007

Remembering a Good Guy: The Pig Spleen Forecaster

Some sad news today. Gus Wickstrom, the farmer from Tompkins who can accurately predict the weather for half a year by gnawing on a pig's spleen, has passed away last night from pneumonia. His public funeral is at the Tompkins Hall tomorrow afternoon.

CTV Regina reports on it

I have said before that it takes raw talent and, I daresay, guts to do something like this, and the Planet has lost a brilliant and creative man.

I can only say now, he is up there with his juicy pig spleens forecasting the weather in Heaven, where it's fair and sunny every single day.

Edited at 7:49am on June 7, 2007: A report on the memorial service and reaction from the community of Tompkins can be found at on the June 6 newscast

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