Friday, July 27, 2007

The day has arrived!

Today is the North American release day of the Simpsons Movie. The most hyped, most anticipated movie in the history of cinema. Already, even before I see it, it's my favourite movie of the year...

...and it's not opening in Swift Current!

Time-coded photograph of the only movie theatre in Swift Current

Now, I realize a locally-owned small-town theatre has their commitments and reasons to show certain films, and I apologize in advance if anything I say rubs anybody the wrong way, but honestly, I think 1408 could wait for a couple of weeks or so until we all have the chance to see this movie locally at the same time as everybody else who live in the bigger cities.

If you're unfamiliar with the province of Saskatchewan, the larger city of Moose Jaw is located 90 miles east from Swift Current. The city's only enclosed shopping mall is anchored by Sears, Zellers, and a large chain-supported theatre that is showing the movie tonight, among other first-run films. I hope it doesn't come to this, but I would not be surprised if many people take the trip over to Moose Jaw, or even Regina, just to see that movie. That will probably not be the only thing they'll do, though. There's a football game in Regina tomorrow afternoon, and, well, an enormous moose in Moose Jaw that can be seen anytime, and they could see the movie in their touristy-downtime.

Now, I am planning a trip to Moose Jaw or Regina in the near future (I'd rather buy my clothes and whatnot at a Sears store than through the catalogue), and my plans may include seeing the Simpsons Movie in their theatres, but if anyone from the local theatre is reading this, don't take my plans, or anything else you may have read, as an insult. Once the movie opens here, and I'm sure it will, I will see it here, even if I already have someplace else.


Bryan said...

I disagree Colin, screw the Cinema Twin. It's a good thing they finally renovated a little inside because everyone else there is in poor condition.

The picture doesn't fit on the screen, you can hear the show next to you throughout the movie, and their washrooms look like they came from a prison cell.

One can only hope and pray some bigger company such as Famous Players eventually comes to Swift Current to rescue us from this disaster.

I'm off to Moose Jaw to catch this movie.

Colin said...

You know actually, Bryan, Famous Players WAS in Swift Current. According to Wikipedia, they owned the Cinema Twin until 1975.

They also owned the Plaza in Shaunavon until 1998.

I did see the movie in Moose Jaw (I had a Friday afternoon off, so I decided to take my opportunity), and I am really impressed with the Cineplex Galaxy. I honestly hope one comes here