Friday, July 13, 2007

Straight from the old school, part two.

Last hockey season, I was the Swift Current Broncos' in-stand promotions guy for a few games. One of their many promotions is the Voth's Countrywide Call of the Night, in which a fan in attendance would win a 10-minute phone call to anywhere in Canada on one of the SaskTel Mobility phones they sell. One time, the phone they used was a Palm Trēo. Now, even though it is a phone I could never possibly afford at this time, I must say, I would someday like one of my own.

Well, just the other day, my boss gave me his old Palm Pilot

You may now address me as Mister Hollywood.


Jerell said...

Palm Pilots are so 1993...ish.

Colin said...

I was 9 in 1993, I didn't even get the Fisher-Price Palm Pilot

"Yes, you can be a big-shot, brown-nosing, executive corporate puppet just like Mom and/or Dad!"