Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Highway 4 is too noisy?

According to southwesttvnews.com, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation and the University of Regina did a study of noise levels and the amount of traffic on highway 4, which runs north and south from Swift Current, because someone complained. The guy said the amount of noise and traffic is affecting backyard activities on his property adjacent to the highway.

Now, if I was living there (I don't), maybe I would have a problem with it too. But I don't think I would call the government on it myself. I would ask the city first to do that for me. However, the city has many priorities for that highway (drive there, you will know) before erecting a soundwall to reduce the noise.

I live under a major street downtown next to the railway, and I don't like being awaken at 3:00am by some lunatic going 100 down the street, or the commotion made by the trains, but there's little I think I can do about it.

Wait, maybe that's what the cable I was driving back and forth on the highway was for. I think should tell the department it's faulty.

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