Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Questions of Society: Imagine if the South won...

A lot of American money. Photo from Flickr/Creative Commons

A woman in Georgia found a million-dollar bill and promptly used it to buy $1700 worth of merchandise at a Wal-Mart. Problem is, the US doesn't have a million dollar bill, and the note in question was purchased in a joke shop by the woman's husband. She thought the bill was real, and is now facing charges of forgery.

Here are my Questions of Society...

1. If you just happen to come across a piece of large currency, which is clearly too much for the government to make, why would you immediately think it's real?

2. Could you not read the whole "void, not legal tender, actual cash value: one-fifth of a cent, Mr. Cashier, do not honour" printed in smaller letters than the ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

3. Even if that was a real million-dollar bill, why would you use it to buy stuff at Wal-Mart?


Jerell said...

Dumb American southerners. I would've gone to K-Mart or Best Buy.

Colin said...

I would go to Dairy Queen, buy a medium Blizzard, and get $999,995.15 in change

Apparently, a couple of stores in the States take the George W. Bush $200 bills now.