Thursday, August 30, 2007

Viterra? Meh.

The Pool inland terminal in Swift Current, which will be re-branded today

40 years from now, I'll probably have a chat with my grankids and say, "when I was your age, gas was less than 50 cents per litre, we only had three channels on television, and Viterra was called the Pool."

Today, the new ag company formed by the merger of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and Agricore United will rebrand itself, according to Canada's Intellectual Property Website, to "Viterra". The name, however in my opinion, seems to distance itself from the great history these two companies once had.

There goes nearly a century of agricultural tradition and history down into the boots of the very elevators of which this company operates.

What's worse, that name's not on Kevin Hursh's list (scroll down to the bottom of the page). If you ask me, I'd take Hold the Mayo or Cement Schmidt House over Viterra anyday.

small dead animals was the first to let us all know

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