Thursday, April 3, 2008

Old wounds...

If I make it big in the news business, I just hope that no one releases any damaging or embarrassing footage of me in the past, just like what happened to someone today.

I think the most insulting thing I have said on tape was call Alexander Ovechkin a diver during a demo TV sportscast. But that evidence has since been destroyed.

*Points to WABC classmates* It has, has it?

Guess so.


Jerell said...

That was good man. Though, it could been a lot worse.

Colin said...

Jeez. Since when did Big Bird do sports in Florida?

That reminds me, CBC-TV Sportscasters wore cantaloupe-coloured jackets, or powder blue if it was hockey. However that practice stopped in the late 80s. Now almost nobody wears such loud fashion on television.

I said almost nobody.