Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is there not a West Coast/Saskatchewan embargo?

Because I think either Yahoo!, the Canadian Press, or both, just broke it.

American Idol: Results Show Wednesday night... David Cook won, believe it or not, by 12 Million votes.

Screenshot of the story from the Canadian Press via Yahoo! Canada News made at 8:40pm MST. (click to enlarge)

Uhh... geniuses. Show's not over where I live...

SaskTel Max iTV Guide highlighted on CTV Regina, captured at 8:40pm

And it's not even on yet further west...
CTV Calgary and CTV British Columbia is showing it at 9:00pm MST.
The show is on in those places at the same time as Fox Seattle, further up on the guide.

There's a rolling blackout for federal election results, why not talent competition results?
*Posted at 11:15pm to not spoil the competition for the West Coast.

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