Sunday, July 20, 2008


That was the last time the Saskatchewan Roughriders started a CFL season with four straight wins, until yesterday when they beat Montreal 41-33 to go 4-0 on this season.

The last time the Riders were 4-0...

  • ...Ross Thatcher was Premier. And our current Premier was about 4-½ years old.
  • ...was sometime between Apollo 13 and the October Crisis.
  • ...was the year can-con was invented. Also the year the first Juno Awards took place.
  • ...the Vancouver Canucks were an expansion team in the National Hockey League. Coincidentally, the team's future superstar Trevor Linden, was born that year.
  • ...was the year Deliverance was released. Not the movie, the book.
  • ...was the year the Beatles and Monkees broke up, and Styx, Queen and Aerosmith were formed.
  • ...the AMC Gremlin and Ford Pinto were first introduced. A more popular car was also made that year.
  • ...was the year Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died.
  • ...was the year just about every celebrity and sports figure who is relevant today was born. There's some good ones.

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