Monday, August 13, 2007

Do you Agree?: TMZ has no class?

Sticking with the tragic news of Merv Griffin's passing, posted this photo.

A lot of people are saying in the TMZ blog's comments and other websites that the photo is in poor taste and should be removed.

I have to disagree. Sure, on the surface, a picture that displays Vanna White applauding a puzzle that may or may not say "Merv Griffin Died Today" may come off as classless, but I think this is what Merv, a man known for his sense of humour, would have enjoyed. As for Vanna applauding, that's what she does for most of Wheel of Fortune. Applaud. And this applause would be to thank him for everything he has contributed to entertainment through his life. That, and it's nearly impossible to find a picture of her in anything less than a good mood

If you're asking them to remove this picture, why not ask them to take off some of the other pictures on that website?

What do you think?


Jerell said...

Compared to the countless Hilton/Lohan/Spears photos, this is pretty bland and humorous I guess.

I hope that made sense.

Colin said...

Yeah, it does kinda.