Saturday, August 11, 2007

Republished: The Funniest things I've heard, read, and seen this week (August 5-11)...

Heard - Richard Crouse, CTV Canada AM's movie critic, just reviewed Daddy Day Camp. Well, actually he didn't. Instead, he gave a list of things more enjoyable than watching Daddy Day Camp

1. Cutting an apple in half and watching it turn brown.

2. Watching colonoscopy videos.

3. Poking sharp sticks in your eyes.

4. Eating bugs.

5. Latrine duty.
He actually gave it some credit in the fact it's not Rush Hour 3

The review can be found here. If you live in Canada, the video can be found here

Read - The Dating Girl column in the Leader-Post on Friday. I won't reprint it, but you can read it here.

Seen - Conan's reaction to what a duck did on his stage Thursday...

Looks like Quackers needs some Immodium

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