Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Updated: How dare you Ben Mulroney? How dare you?!

I wish I wasn't working last night, because I missed a lot of good stuff on live events, that I never bother taping. Barry Bonds hit #756, there were two bench clearing brawls during the Jays-Yankees game, and Ben Mulroney went on a straight-up rant after Greg Neufeld got eliminated from Canadian Idol

Here's what he said (transcript from

"I don't know what to say,... No, that's not true. I do know what to say. Canada got this wrong. I don't care if I'm not supposed to say that. Canada got this wrong. Anyone watching our show should know. If they don't know, I'm telling them. You are a bona fide star. I hope to God that you benefiited as much from being on this show as we benefitted from having you. If that turns out to be the case, your future is absolutely limitless."

Updated: I found the video clip of it (thanks to

Uh, what? What did you say to me, Mr. Ben Mulroney? Some nerve you have calling out your country after a contestant was eliminated fairly in a national talent contest that you host. No matter how good he is in the previous episodes (and I watched some of his performances, he was pretty good), a lot of people thought the other contestants were better this week, or didn't bother voting (which was likely, the performances and voting fell on a holiday). Like you can control that.

I am disappointed that Greg's leaving, but at the same time, I am not surprised. I honestly thought Greg had a terrible night. His performance of "We are the Champions" was lacklustre at best in my opinion. I think the Canadian public got it right in voting for someone else. It proves it doesn't matter how good your previous performances were, you cannot expect them to carry you through week after week. You have keep getting better as the competition gets tougher, and you cannot let your guard down for a moment. But I'm sure he'll find success in the business one way or another.

As for Ben, shame on you. Although it takes a lot to express yourself, I think you were wrong in doing so publicly. As a host of a competition, you are supposed to be impartial and not display your favourites. Everybody on that show is equally deserving of winning, and even though there may be a performer ahead of everybody else early on, it's not your say as to who your viewers, who take the time to watch your show each and every week, should vote for. It's their call, and you can't change that.

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