Monday, August 20, 2007

You tell me: Should I get an HDTV?

My Current TV

Throughout the last few months, I have been under pressure to get a new HDTV.

When I went to SaskTel to pay my phone bill a few days ago, their store replaced their old Max standard-def TV that was always on Galaxie to a big-screen flat-panel HDTV, always on Galaxie. They also put two HDTVs, one on top of another, facing the window into the mall.

When I go to Wal-Mart, on all of their TVs, HD or not, they show a demo tape of Bell Expressvu's High Definition programming.

When I went to my Co-op store, all of the big-screen (and even small-screen) TVs show The Weather Network. It's not in HD, but it still looks all right.

Those are pretty much enough for anyone to pick up a new television at the very next opportunity. But not me. I am not planning to upgarde, nor do I think I will anytime soon.

Here are my reasons:

  • There's not enough HD programming yet - Most cable specialty channels and American channels are in HD, but none of my local channels (ones hosted in Saskatchewan) are. All of the Canadian networks that broadcast in HD do so in other time zones.
  • I haven't bought anything new for my TV that requires HD - I don't have a fancy next-generation game console, or a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player that would look best on a new HDTV
  • For the money, I don't need it - I'm not saying I can't afford it, a lot of decent HDTVs are very reasonably priced, I just don't think it's worth spending money that would be better spent on unforseen things that I do need.

If you think I should get one anyway, I invite you to tell me where I can find a really good TV for less than $750, or give me tips on winning the lottery, then I'll consider it.

UPDATED Aug 24: I found one. There's a 32" RCA TV at Wal-Mart for just under $700. I haven't bought it, but I know it's there

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