Monday, September 3, 2007

Can't wait 'til November.

The Riders' final play on offence. Saskboy, once again, responsible for the video

Yesterday's Labour Day Classic, where the Riders defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 31-26, was a game worthy of its label. In fact, it may be the best Labour Day game at least in my lifetime. The game had seven lead changes, and the Riders was actually close to losing this time, but it was settled with a 27-yard run by QB Kerry Joseph, right up the gut of the Bomber defense, who, like us, probably thought the Riders would only try for a good field goal position. Not this time.

What I'll remember most about this game was the hype surrounding it. Sports writers, broadcasters, even me, were all billing this as a Grey Cup preview, as this game featured the two teams at the front of their divisions. If this is the game we expect in the 95th Grey Cup final coming up at the Rogers Centre, where the Riders last won the cup in 1989, well then I can't wait until November.

Oh, speaking of that. When the CFL blacked out the Riders-Eskimos game in July (in which I got around by watching their broadband stream on TSN showed CFN's broadcast of the 1989 Grey Cup. The Riders won that game against the Eskimos 54-14, and have won four more since.

Also, get a load of those throwback sweaters and lids the Riders sported. It honestly felt like I was watching a game from the 70s on ESPN Classic, rather than live on TSN. Also Kerry Joseph is also looking more and more like Ron Lancaster each and every game.

What's in store for the next one at CanadInns Stadium? The Banjo Bowl if you will. If you go, remember to hang a right on Milt Stegall Drive.

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