Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Plan, make four road games

Screenshot from Google Earth. Click to enlarge

This WHL Hockey Season, I am going to make an effort to attend more Broncos road games. The four cities within a day's drive of me are Moose Jaw (the Warriors), Regina (the Pats), Saskatoon (the Blades) and Medicine Hat (the Tigers), and I plan to attend at least one game in each city this season.

I got things rolling by going to Moose Jaw last Friday night, to take in the season opener.

Final: Broncos 3-Warriors 2 after overtime

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LP said...

How was the Crushed Can?? I still remember when Dad took us there for a couple games! Oh the memories... I do believe we were cheering for Regina at the time though... hmmm...
Well I am thinking in joining your road tripping experience and I am thinking I might just have to make the effort to see a Bronco's game up here. [can't promise I will make it to Red Deer or anything though] But it should be good. I am also looking forward to checking out a few Rush games at Rexall this year... I really did enjoy them over the NHL games last year!