Monday, October 15, 2007

Something I only first heard about today...

It appears the upcoming regular season of the National Lacrosse League may be cancelled if a labour dispute is not settled before midnight EDT tonight.

I seriously did not know anything about it until today

I guess some people (you know who you are), didn't know nor care about the NHL's labour troubles back a few years ago, and some of those people were probably lacrosse fans. Guess what, us hockey fans are returning those sentiments


saskboy said...

I doubt they were fans of another sport that few in the country (this part anyway) are aware of being played at a pro level. I wasn't until 2002 when some cousins of mine in Toronto took me to a Rock game.

They better avoid the strike, because every time a sport league goes on strike, an angel dies. That, and fans stop caring.

LP said...

I am very disappointed with this news.. I did actually hear about the possibility of this happening before I read it on your blog (being that we do have a team located here, it has been some big news). I was really looking forward to going to a few games this season. I went to my first game last season in Calgary and I was hooked! I also watched the last game of the season for the Rush, and I must say those two experiences were far better then the two NHL games I attended. (One also being my first ever.) It even turned out that neither Edmonton team made it to the playoffs!

Although, this season the City is host to a new team and league with the new Oil Kings WHL team so I will probably be checking some of these games out instead. Especially October 27 when the Broncos are back in town.. hope to see them give the Oil Kings the same show they did this last week. [Thanks for the pics!]

Riders in town Friday Oct 26
Broncos in town Saturday Oct 27
I think if you could take a weekend off to come visit, that would be the one!

LP said...

They are back on! It was announced today that the NLL will continue on with the 2008 Season.. You should come up for a game... I'm sure you would enjoy it!
Catch ya later