Monday, November 26, 2007

How about we not wait so long for the next one?

November 27, 1989 editions of the Regina LeaderPost, and Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

The November 26, 2007 edition of the 'Riderville' Leader-Post

I still can't believe the Riders won the Grey Cup last night. It is the first title win since 1989, eighteen years ago today, and third championship total in the 97 years the club's been around.

On a news standpoint, I think there was more coverage of this game than the other ones I have seen (89 and 1997). That's what happens when even an appearance in the game is rare. I read the 1989 editions of the two local papers before the game yesterday, and I was taken back to a time when 2 Litres of Pepsi sold for $1.89 at Bi-Rite Drugs, there was no such thing as the GST (it was in the planning stages then), and the Grey Cup telecast on CFN featured the introduction to Canada of a super-slo-motion camera, similar to the one used by abc NFL broadcasts. Keep in mind, this is long before cable-cams and high definition television.
Over lunch, I went up to 7-Eleven and got Grey Cup editions of the National Post, Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, and Medicine Hat News. The only papers I was disappointed not to find were the Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg Sun (that store only carries the weekend issues), not sure how they're taking it over there.
It is a high that will last until the next football season, and hopefully we can have it more often than every couple of decades.

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