Monday, November 5, 2007

Not a good weekend as a sports fan

It seems that last weekend was a bad one for the sports teams that I support.

The Riders had their regular season finale against Toronto last Saturday in Regina and dropped it by a painful 43-13 score. That phoning-in gave the Argos first in the East, and has us Rider fans on the downs heading into the west semi-final against Calgary.

The Broncos lost twice, 5-3 on the road in Brandon on Friday, and 4-3 after a shootout against Edmonton at home on Saturday

The Canucks are horrible at home with a 1-6 record at GM Place. They won against Colorado on Saturday, but that was on the road. That doesn't make me feel any better

Probably the worst was the Colts-Patriots game on Sunday. I was actually excited and pumped for the game, something I don't usually feel for a regular season NFL match, and I slept through it, the result of me being up since 3:00am on Saturday and Sunday. Adding insult to injury, the Colts lost 24-20, and I woke up just in time to see the Patriots with the ball at the 2-minute warning, with Colts with no time-outs.

Not to sound like a bandwagon jumper, if things don't get better soon, I might have to question my allegiances, or do my best to not sleep during major sporting events.

Oh, one more note, the Hamilton Ti-Cats fired their GM, Marcel Dejardins, at around 11:00pm EST last night. I kinda know the time because I got the text alert from TSN just after 10:00pm. I mean, why fire a guy so late at night? Why not wait until the next morning? It'd be one less sleepless night for him.

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