Monday, June 9, 2008

In perpetuity...

Well, the short national movement is now over, and it ends with some success.

The CBC Hockey Night in Canada theme has been saved, by rival private broadcaster CTV.

They bought the song outright in perpetuity, meaning they have it forever as long as they keep paying. It will be used for the NHL on TSN, Canadiens Hockey on RDS, and hockey games during CTV's coverage of Vancouver 2010.

I'm happy it's going to be back, but it's going to be hard to hear it on a channel that isn't CBC. It's also going to be rearranged so it will sound different. Maybe "Handsome Bob McKenzie Plus Three" will hum it barbershop-style every Wednesday night before the games. But, we got what we all wanted, and we won't be on the hook for it, so we musn't complain.

And this is important to know. Soon after I bought my RAZR, I downloaded the "Hockey Theme" ringtone, which for some reason you can't download anymore. But it was going to stay around for me, anyway, until I get rid of my phone.

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