Monday, July 23, 2007

UPDATED: Look at the new guy!

According to CTV,, G4, and zap2it, Drew Carey will be the new host of The Price is Right when it returns in the fall. He will make that announcement tonight on Letterman.

To repeat, it's Drew Carey will run the greatest, and most successful game show in American TV history

This guy.

Since I don't have pull, yet, I cannot tell you if the show will remain successful with Drew Carey at the helm. We'll have to wait until the show comes back in mid-September.

UPDATE made on Tuesday, July 24: If you missed Letterman last night, CBS put up the video on their official YouTube Channel


Jerell said...

Me, personally, Chuck Woolery hands down. He's like the Dick Clark of game shows.

Colin said...

Ok, you know something? I do agree. Chuck would have been perfect for the show. I can't believe they overlooked him!

But, I bet he's content with hosting the highest rated game show on a low-rated digital network