Thursday, August 16, 2007

The World's First Pictures

The first picture I took on my digital camera (labelled 000_0029)
If I only had the foresight to not delete and post the first picture I took when I got my digital camera (it was deleted in the camera). Another blog told me if you call up DSC00001.jpg in Google Image Search, you will get the first pictures the world generally takes when they get their camera out of the box. (Note: Yes, a lot of those first pictures are exactly what you think they are. It's a good idea to make sure what your Google Safe Search settings are before you click the link if you happen to be easily offended or at work)

Conversely, a search for pictures labelled 000_0001.jpg (the defalut labelling for Kodak Easyshare cameras) is a lot more dignified.

1 comment:

Jerell said...

Boobs, chicks riding horses, and a guy covered in what I hope is paint.

Sick, sick, world.