Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Funniest things I've heard, read and seen this week (August 12-18)

Heard - James Duthie's failed attempts to woo Anna Kournikova at the Rogers Cup's Tennis Legends Match on Monday. Apparrently Anna doesn't like hockey commentators as much as hockey players. (part two is here)

Read - The Best. Phishing E-mail. Ever. I wonder how many people were dumb enough to take- *ding* Hey, a dancing gorilla wants my Visa number. Well, let's take a look here...

Seen - Now I know this happened six months ago, but I first saw the video this week. CityNews' consumer reporter Peter Silverman investigated a crooked optician in Toronto, who obviously had a temper. A hissy fit involving snowballs and the ETF (Toronto's SWAT Team) ensued

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