Sunday, September 9, 2007

Me Fail English? That's Unpossible

Some Test the Nation paraphernalia. Get your own here
Hot off the heels of Test the Nation: IQ last March, CBC just ran Test the Nation: Watch Your Language earlier tonight, an interactive play-at-home quiz that tests language and speech. I did surprisingly well, actually, I got a 78%, which I think is a bit higher than my English marks from school.

Yeah, you laugh. How did you do?
One thing I noticed through the two-hour broadcast, an English teacher from Swift Current Comprehensive High School was playing the game in the studio with other English teachers, taking on the likes of advertising copywriters, comedians, word gamers, romance fiction novelists, and fraternities/sororities. Last March in the IQ test, Mayor Sandy Larson was on the show.

I must disclose, however, I used the spell check before publishing. I did just score a 78%, you know.

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