Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why not call it "Ukulele Hero"?

Playing something else on Nintendo DS
They're making a version of the popular "Guitar Hero" game for Nintendo DS. Now since the DS has a touchscreen and a stylus, it would at least be a decent console to handheld transition if it used them, however according to G4, the game will not use the touchscreen and stylus, it will have its own guitar that plugs into it.

Now "Guitar Hero" for the consoles comes with a big, electric rock guitar that plugs into the box, allowing the player to perform air guitar with some sort of guitar. Nintendo DS' version will have same guitar, but will likely be portable, and proportionate. Either make the DS bigger, or the guitar smaller.

Something tells me, nobody in their right mind will be playing top-charting modern rock with a toy banjo or ukulele.

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