Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Republished/Updated: It was so good, they're doing it again

The SaskTel Max homepage with some good news

Originally published August 24, 2007:
You remember earlier when I said I didn't watch last Saturday's unforgettable Rider game because I went to bed early? Well, I think I'm gonna make up for that now

Until 11:59pm ST Sunday night, SaskTel Max will replay CBC's broadcast of last Saturday's memorable game between the Riders and the Eskimos, in its entirety (keep in mind, we saw the whole thing live on CBC Regina), on Max Local on Demand channel 48 (of course, SaskTel is a huge sponsor of the Riders, they have the naming rights of the Million-dollar MaxTron video board). If you don't know about it, it's like a community cable channel, but it also has DVD/VCR playback capabilities. You can pause, rewind and replay the show as many times as you want, and you're not bound by schedules. (SaskTel has a lot of this kind of programming, but I'll talk about it sometime later)

I also checked in at work this morning and a couple of Shaw subscribers said the game is also being shown on their community channel. I can't tell you what times or whether or not they're doing it again. I don't know about Access if you live in Regina though, keep watching Cable 7.

Either way, I will watch it, and also tape it for posteriety. It'll be something to keep for the grankids (if VCRs survive for that long)

Updated September 12: I gave SaskTel some kind words shortly after seeing the game, and I bet some other people did the same. I just got a news release at work reading SaskTel made a deal with TSN to make every Riders regular season game from now until the end of the season available on Max Local on Demand. The Labour Day Classic, and the Banjo Bowl are there now.

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